The Direct Advantage

Unlike traditional private equity firms, Kimmeridge invests directly in low cost oil and gas assets, leveraging the team’s in-house expertise and experience in geological evaluation, land acquisition and engineering.


Founded in 2012, Kimmeridge is a private equity firm based in New York and Denver focused purely on the development of low-cost unconventional oil and gas assets in the US upstream energy sector. The firm is differentiated by its direct investment approach, deep technical knowledge, active portfolio management and proprietary research and data gathering.

30+ Investment and Operations Professionals in New York and Denver

Raised over $1.85 billion of Limited Partner commitments since inception

Over 85,000 aggregated net acres across high-quality North American basins

The Kimmeridge Evolution


Kimmeridge directs investment activity from its New York office while running its assets via an in-house operating team located in Denver.

Ben Dell

Managing Partner

Henry Makansi

Managing Partner

Neil McMahon

Managing Partner

Alex Inkster


Taylor Lane


Matthew Zales

Managing Director

Neda Jafar

Vice President – Investor Relations

Denis Laloy

Director of Finance & Operations

Andrew Freilich


Jenny Kogan

Senior Accountant

Kimmeridge’s investment philosophy is underpinned by fundamental research and a continuous drive to be a thought leader in the industry


Kimmeridge accesses low-cost energy assets through land aggregation in more established basins and by being an early entrant into developing basins. In each fund, Kimmeridge expects to build a portfolio of investments that spans the spectrum between these two core strategies, concentrating capital in the most successful assets over time.

Accessing Assets at the Front of the Cost Curve

Kimmeridge focuses on identifying unconventional U.S. oil and gas assets that sit at the front-end of the cost curve and utilizes little to no leverage to generate returns. In developing basins, Kimmeridge creates scale through its own land aggregation efforts rather than by acquiring asset packages from others. In emerging basins, Kimmeridge applies its in-house technical and geologic expertise to identify and evaluate the core area of a basin to lease acreage.

Kimmeridge’s pursuit of great assets at attractive values can include select positions in public energy companies and in mineral interests.

Ongoing Commitment to ESG

Kimmeridge believes that environmentally and socially responsible investment builds long-term value in its projects and reduces their risk. In delivering that value, Kimmeridge must remain committed to workplace safety, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Kimmeridge continually evaluates how it measures environmental, social and governance data and seeks ways to communicate this information to its limited partners.

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